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The GOSB Mosque

The GOSB Mosque, of which the construction had started in 2013, was opened on June 25, 2015.

The GOSB Mosque is located at the corner spot of an important ertery of the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. The “creating a metaphor of infinity with the wide dome with one opening placed on a square base” goal which is also used for the works of Mimar Sinan, has affected the design of the Mosque. The dome rising from the stone dock is designed as one and a factory chimney with the aim of binding the mosque with the industry. Despite the garish and eye-catching outer facade of the GOSB Mosque, simplicity was aimed for the inner design of the mosque for the people to be able to pray comfortably and peacefully. The sacred GOSB mosque which also bears the intention of serving as an urban area, is not only a house of worship, but also place to gather, and reach information and individual and social consciousness.

The GOSB Mosque includes;

A lavatory, shoeracks, the bathing cubicle, brestrooms at the basement, the sanctuary, altar, pulpit, library and restrooms on the ground floow; and the coffin rest, minaret and gravel docks in the open area.

The Architecture of the mosque was designed  and controlled by Alaz Albay Mimarlık Mühendislik Müşavirlik A.Ş.

The GOSB Mosque in Numbers

The construction area of the mosque measures 6.491 m2.

The prayer area is 1.600 m2 and the open area 670 m2.

2.185 people can pray at the mosque at once.

The height of the minaret is 41,35 meters.

The dome diameter is 28,10 meters while the dome height is 23,00 meters.

The chandelier diameter is 15-12-9 meters.

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