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Infrastructure Services

Natural Gas

Natural gas supply began on September 30, 2005 in GOSB. Natural gas has been used since 2014 after the completion of infrastructure constructions in GOSB Tembelova Area.

The loop line was commissioned in 2015 by the feasibility, survey and project design works started in 2013 in GOSB which supplies natural gas at reasonable prices, quality, continuity from suppliers as a free consumer, thus the natural gas subscribers were ensured to be affected from the cut at a minimum by the local gas cuts in cases of failure, leakage, fire etc. that may occur in natural gas lines.

With the recent investment, GOSB natural gas network is consisted of 19 bar steel lines of about 8.5 km long and 4 bar PE lines of 29 km long, Tembelova Area is consisted of PE line of 11 km long. There is a total of 7 regional pressure reducing and measurement station (RMS-B) in the region including 1 of 10.000m 3 /h, 3 of 7.500m 3 /h in GOSB Area and 2 of 10.000m 3 /h, 1 of 7.500m 3 /h in GOSB Expansion Area. The gas receipt at 12-19 bar pressure range on RMS-Bs is distributed in the region and delivered to the facilities after reducing to 4 bar in the stations. Periodic controls are carried out in GOSB where the failures and calls can be controlled immediately with a fully equipped emergency vehicle, in order to operate the natural gas network efficiently and safely.

For this purpose;

-          Cathodic steel grid protection and thickness measurements

-          Station grounding measurements

-          Planned maintenance of steel line valve assemblies and drain valves

-          Maintenance and monitoring of the participant RMS stations and regional regulators

-          Calibration and monitoring of the counters and correctors

-          Monthly counter readings

-          Daily control and reporting of regional regulators are carried out.

Natural gas is supplied to 160 plant in an area of 516 hectares in GOSB.

Gas Usage

The natural gas consumption which was 3.774.223 Sm³  in the first year of usage in GOSB, was 48.186.373,29 Sm³ as of the end of 2022.
Our Region’s Natural Gas Distribution Network
Natural Gas Distribution Network is as follows;
-          2  main measurement station
-          7 pressure reduction and measurement station with 19/4 bar pressure lowering capacity
-          Distribution line of 4 bar pressure and even of 29 km polyethylene pipe in total
-          Steel pipe distribution line of 8.5 km in total in 19 bar pressurized lines
-          25 pieces of steel line valves in various diameters
-          269 pieces of polyethylene line valves in various diameters

Our responsibilities as GOSB Natural Gas Unit
-          To carry out timely maintenance and planning to ensure the network function properly
-          To prevent the natural gas cut for our participants and subscribers, to resolve a forced natural gas cut problem as soon as possible
-          To respond immediately to a leakage, fire etc. emergency calls with a fully equipped emergency response vehicle
-          To provide the user who wants to use natural gas at the desired amount
-          To make the natural gas measurements and billing of the subscribers
-          To inform our participants on consume and gas quality on request
-          To accompany the modifications, maintenance, etc. to be done by our participants in relation to the natural gas network
Procedure to be followed in Natural Gas Installation Conversion
The companies which are in GOSB and which want to make natural gas installation conversion or modification perform the operations in accordance with the following procedures in line with Natural Gas Conversion Specifications in Insdustial Plants of GOSB and PALGAZ.

File Approval

The employer company writes an authorization letter to GOSB Regional Directorate for the contracting company which is certified by PALGAZ the contracting party for the operation of natural gas installation conversion. The following process starts based on the approval of the Regional Directorate.
The contracting company prepares the work file as requested by PALGAZ and submits to the approval of GOSB Regional Directorate.
The work file is examined by the Regional Directorate and the imperfections, if any, are reported to the contracting company.
A pre-approval letter is given addressing to PALGAZ by the Regional Directorate for the file, imperfections of which are eliminated. The contracting company submits the file with the pre-approval letter to the approval of PALGAZ. The contracting company starts work following the approval of the file. A work completion file including as-built projects to which the project changes that occurred during the implementation are recorded, test reports, source films, source isometries and x-ray reports of the sources is prepared at the end of the work and submitted to the approval of PALGAZ.  A copy of the approved file is delivered to GOSB Regional Directorate. The gas is not opened for use before the completion of the above-mentioned documents.

Gas Opening

The company to make a gas opening request signs the GOSB Infrastructure Service Agreement. The conformity of the completed installation of the company to the approved file is examined by authorized personnel of PALGAZ and GOSB. The gas opening procedure is carried out again in case of the lack of any non-compliance to the project or any imperfection/fault in the installation.

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