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GOSB Corporate


GOSB was established in 1985 in order to discipline the industry. The ‘’build and sell’’model which had never been implemented in Turkey was created in its establishment. GOSB was realized completely by the financing of the participants without using credit with the principle of ‘’Not to Expect Everything from the Government’’.

GOSB which conducted its first enterprising committee meeting on March 1986 received the deeds of 1st etape land of 230 hectares in October 1986.

It became the OSB which was realized within the shortest time until today by completing the infrastructure construction in 1989 which started in 1988. In 1990, the first factory started production.

The GOSB which was registered with 1 as the OSB which was the first to act in accordance with the OSB Law 4562 on 2000, played an important role both at the stage of preparation of Law 4562 published in 2000 and in the later stages in order to prevent the future OSBs to experience the bad experiences it had been through due to the absence of a regulation on OSB in the years of establishment.

In the following years, GOSB was decided to be expanded and it was found appropriate to determine the ‘’Tembelova Area’’ of approx. 160 hectares and the area of aprox. 130 hectares on the west of the region as ‘’Expansion Area’’ as a result of the on-site determinations made by the Ministry. The infrastructure of Expansion Area was completed in 2006 and the infrastructure of Tembelova Area was completed in 2015.

With the technopark it put into operation in 2005, GOSB received the title of first OSB which established a technopark within its structure.

In the same year, GOSB participants involved in the enterprising committee and 7 industrialists had  the right of representation in the enterprising committee.

The process of transition to General Assembly was started as a result of the fact that 2/3 of the total number of enterprises received the occupancy permit and that at least half of them started production, the General Assembly took place in 2012.

GOSB is the equivalent of the industrial parks in the developed countries with the services it offers and the modern infrastructure. GOSB which is preferred by the foreign capital, is the first OSB which established technopark in its own structure. GOSB is located in an area of 516 hectares

GOSB has always been the center of attraction since its establishment due to its connection with qualified manpower and the market. GOSB is at the north of TEM highway, at a distance of 7 km to Gebze city center, at a distance of 55 km to Istanbul, at a distance of 15 km Sabiha Gokcen Airport, at a distance of 34 km to Derince Port. GOSB is at the center of Marmara Region forming 2/3 of Turkey Market.

GOSB By Numbers


Council of Minister’s decision

Mart 1986

First Entrepreneur Committee Meeting


Start of Infrastructure Constructions


Completion of Infrastructure Construction


First Factory’s Start of Production


Register with 1 as the OSB (OSB-OIZ)which was the first to act in accordance with the OSB(OSB-OIZ) Law 4562


Determination of the fact that GOSB sets a good model despite the mistakes did in the country’s investment policies in the report on ‘’Administrative Barriers in Investment’’ of the World Bank


Tembelova Area’s Participation in GOSB


Natural Gas Lines’s entry into service


GOSB Technopark’s entry into service


Completion of the infrastructure of GOSB Technopark Expansion Area


GOSB Fiber Optic Network’s Entry Into Service


Inclusion of the Participants into Enterprising Committee


Singing of the Global Compact


Start of Education at GOSB TADIM Jale Yucel Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School


Receipt of the Integrated Management System certificates


Receipt of the ‘’Competence in Excellence’’ within the framework of EFQM Excellence Model


TRUCK Park’s entry into service


Treatment Plant’ entry into service


Start of Infrastructure Constructions in GOSB Tembelova Area


Transition to General Assembly


GOSB Square’s entry into service


GOSB Mosque’s entry into service