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Infrastructure Services


GOSB obtained the ‘’OIZ Electricity Distribution License’’ for 49 (forty nine) years to operate within approved limits as of September 23, 2007.

The electrical demand of GOSB is met from the GOSB 154/34, SkV substation which belongs to TEIAS.

The electricity distribution of GOSB has been carried out with 34.5 kV underground wiring. The energy supplier of GOSB is AKSA Energy.

GOSB’s electrical service is supported by the SCADA remote control system and 7/24 uninterrupted service is provided to the region.

GOSB includes 220 consumers, 14 of which are Independent consumers.

GOSB’s total installed capacity of transformers is 342.063 MVA, the actual received mx. Peak power is 98 MW.

GOSB’s monthly electricity consumption is between 45-50 million kWh and the total consumption per year is about 548 million kWh. (2015)

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