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Fire Department

Having begun its activities in 1994, the Fire Authority today provides service 24/7 with its personnel of 24 members.

The GOSB Fire Department provides the services of fire safety system control, help with the elimination of deficiencies, preparation and control of the operation draft projects during construction for participants.

Risk analysis and the determination of fire extinction traveler devices and materials convenient for the risk during the operation machine placement, guidance in the preparation of the Operation Emergency Action Plan, the operation staff being subjected to minimum 3 hours of fire safety training and the entire staff being informed, providing fire safety team training and performing fire drills are services that are provided during the beginning of the production and production phase.

Following the elimination of deficiencies stated in the Risk Analysis, a certificate of competency against fire and explosions is granted to the management.

Services provided in case of emergencies are: first response in possible fire outbreaks, extinguishing these fires without giving it any chance to spread and expand, guiding the accident victim to the nearest healthcare organization in first aid accident recovery incidents with a fully equipped ambulance.

The GOSB Fire Department is able to respond to fires in 2-7 minutes.

Approximately 35.210 people have been fire and first aid trained until this day.

Contact Person: İsmail Yazan /  Phone : +90 (262) 648 48 50 Click to send message