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GOSB Corporate

Who Are We

Which is realized completely with financing from investors, without using any credit, in Turkey and the world,

Which is prepared considering the infrastructure investments in Turkey and user demands, categorized on a sectoral basis,

Which has an underground and redundant electric network,

Which set up SCADA remote control system in Turkey,

Which has road sections in highway standards in Turkey,

Which is realized within the shortest time in Turkey,

Which provides the external security of the region by establishing a private security organization within the framework of the law 5188,

Which has a Special Fire Department,

Which has set up the waste control system in Kocaeli,

Which has adapted to the OIZ Law 4562 and registered with 1,

Which has created its own technopark,

Which has ISDN lines and which provides hosting and internet services,

Which set VOIP system and launched the smart district project,

Which is environment-friendly, which has green and industry together and which is shown as an example by our President of the Republic on this issue,

Which provides professional consultancy service to domestic OIZs,

Which has Headquarters and Social Facilities took place in Turkish architecture literature,

Which has painting collection of works created by leading artists of Turkish contemporary painting art and which has an art gallery,

Which maximizes the OIZ-art-culture-sport relations,

Which obtained Integrated Management System certificates,

Which has the ‘’Competency in Excellence’’ certificate within the framework of EFQM Excellence Model,

Which signed the‘’Global Compact’’,

Which has the title of cleanest OIZ among the Organized Industrial Zones throughout the country in the ‘’Clean Turkey Contest’’,

And which is not affected by the Marmara earthquake despite being located in the earthquake region.