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GOSB Security provides 7/24 uninterrupted service with 8 personnel.

GOSB Security provides 24 hours uninterrupted service with three shift for the control of GOSB entry-exits, control and supervision of GOSB internal roads, road arrangements, taking necessary measures in traffic accidents occurred on the roads and reporting the relevant authorities, ensuring the security of GOSB Headquarters and Social Facilities, providing support to the other organizations in GOSB by keeping in touch with the security services of their own, working coordinately in the events that will occur in GOSB with GOSB Fire Department, escorting the committees came to visit the GOSB Headquarters and Social Facilities from the entrance of the region.

Security service is provided by Koza company under Regional Directorate’s control in GOSB.

Contact Person: Yılmaz Varol  /  Phone : +90 (262) 648 48 75  Click to send message