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Infrastructure Services


The water requirement of GOSB is met from ISU. (Water Authority of Kocaeli)

5000 m3 of the water taken to the water tank of 10000 m3 belonging to GOSB, by withdrawing from Yuvacık Dam is kept as fire reserve.

A water tank of 2500 m3 is located in Tembelova Area which was included in GOSB in 2004. 1000 m3 of this water is kept as fire reserve.

As a secondary water source, a protocol was made for the use of Denizli Pond operated by ISU and its connection to GOSB network was completed in order for use in case of need.

Uninterrupted water is supplied in GOSB.

Water-sale price is 9,0275/m3 + VAT.

Second quality water investment will be made within 2016.

Contact Person: Funda Yılmaz / Environment Manager / Phone : +90 (262) 648 48 30 Click to send message