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GOSB Corporate



To lead the transformation of our industrialists as an Organized Industrial Zone that directs the future, utilizes the advanced technologies in its infrastructure and services and generates distinctive value-added projects.


To support the production processes of our industrialists with value-added projects, by prioritizing the needs of the society and respecting the environment, based on our leading approach.


Having a transparent service concept,

Being responsible towards the society and environment,

Being innovative,

Focusing on industrialists,

Being entrepreneurial,

Providing high-quality and reliable services,

Ensuring the sustainability of services,

Having a team spirit,

Respecting the stakeholders.


As Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB), we make the following commitments to our participants, who have an important place in the national and international market, in order to provide uninterrupted and high-level service with the processes we have established by ensuring the security of all kinds of information in a manner to give priority to energy efficiency, which are high-quality, environment-friendly and in compliance with the OHS rules by acting in accordance with our Strategic Plan, within the framework of GOSB vision.

  • We will increase satisfaction by producing such products/services that are in compliance with the demands and expectations of all stakeholders, respectful to the environment and people, at the universal quality standards, protecting natural resources, increasing efficiency in energy usage, ensuring the security of all information we obtain at every stage, and ensuring continuity in our services.
  • We will plan preventive actions by evaluating and managing our corporate, environmental, occupational safety, energy efficiency and information security risks with a risk-based approach.
  • We will provide the employees with such trainings that will enable their professional and personal development, increase their awareness on quality, environment, OHS, energy efficiency and information security, and ensure the sustainability of the management systems by ensuring that the satisfaction and awareness levels of the employees are increased.
  • We will fulfill all liabilities related to the legal and other requirements in all of our operations and ensure that the employees have such awareness.
  • We will establish a healthy and safe working environment for all employees and visitors by complying with the occupational health and safety rules at the highest level and eliminating the hazards, preventing, reducing and taking the risks under control.
  • We will establish a working environment where the employees can participate in all OHS-related processes, including the identification of hazards, assessment of risks, and assessment of preventive actions, and where they can express their opinions and suggestions.
  • We will ensure the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems by protecting natural resources, using sustainable resources and carrying out operations for reducing the climate change.
  • We will ensure the efficient usage of the natural resources and energy, increase the energy performance values and make them sustainable, supply energy-efficient products and services for increasing the energy performance, support such designs that consider improving the energy performance, and increase the share of the renewable energy resources in the energy usage.
  • By adopting continuous development as a principle and realizing it through our actions, we will fulfill the requirements of the Quality, Environment, Energy, Information Security, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, provide all resources required, and constantly review and improve the effectiveness of the management systems.
  • We will ensure the security of the information belonging to the employees, participants, visitors and 3rd party business partners by preventing, mitigating and taking the risks under control as well as complying with the Information Security rules at the highest level.
  • We will maintain the following features of information assets within the scope of the ISMS;
             Confidentiality: The asset is accessible only by the authorized persons.
             Integrity: Protecting the asset from unauthorized modifications and recognizing when it is modified.
             Accessibility: The asset is accessible by the authorized users when required.
  • As an OIZ with social responsibility awareness, we will bring in such works that will contribute to the cultural and economic development in the zone where we operate in and make an investment in our young people, who are the guarantee of our promising future.
  • We will mention about the importance of the R&D studies to all of our participants and their employees in order to enable them to look to the future with confidence.